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This is what we offer you:

  1. Closed system: No direct contact with body fluids
  2.  All processes in a room without exchange with other impure areas
  3. Continuous suction without interruption of intervention or assessment
  4. Handling infectious waste is limited to disposing of a filter and the tube at a distance from the operating field
  5. No transport of heavy potentially infectious liquids through the room
  6. Space-saving placement on the wall
  7. No additional space required in the rinsing room
  8. Only simple wipe disinfection of the device surface during basic cleaning or if required on contaminated surfaces




Your contact for further questions:

Hans Steinmann 

Phone: +49 9333 903053
E-Mail: hsteinmann@skylinemedical.com



For more details on technical background on hygiene, infection protection, patient and occupational safety, klick here.

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Moving Toward a Safer Work Environment

The revolutionary, FDA / CE approved STREAMWAY® System is an automated, direct-to-drain system that's changing the way healthcare facilities collect and dispose of potentially infectious waste fluid.

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Moving Toward a Safer Work Environment

  • Eliminates canisters, carts and evacuated bottles

  • Reduces exposure risk

  • Cuts expenses

  • Saves time and labor

  • Provides uninterrupted suction

  • Frees valuable floor space

  • Minimizes environmental impact

It's safer.
It's continuous.
It's about time.

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STREAMWAY® is the only fully automated wall-mounted direct to drain, closed system in the fluid waste management market. It continuously collects, measures and disposes of an unlimited amount of medical fluid waste without interruption , while virtually eliminating staff exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other infectious fluids.


Two disposable products are required for the System’s operation: 
A bifurcated dual port procedure filter with tissue trap, and a bottle of cleaning solution – both used on a single procedure basis. 

Streamway is designed to replace the antiquated manual fluid handling methods.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Using the STREAMWAY® System has simplified and improved the process for our fluid removal procedures ... supplies have been greatly reduced, storage space has been freed up, and hazardous waste costs have been lowered. But most importantly, the potential for staff exposure to patient body fluids has significantly been reduced”

- DariceJohnson RDMS, RVT | St. Cloud Hospital - 

“I cringe when I have to do an arthroscopic procedure in one of the rooms without STREAMWAY. It’s so much easier and safer to use than canisters.”  

-  Fran Hahn, BSN, RN, CNOR | Huntingdon Valley Surgery Center - 

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The demand is high!

Problems with Manual Disposal Process:


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Problematic Canister

  • Exposure risk

  • Labor intensive

  • Environmental issues

  • Significant storage space

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Disposal Cost

  • $3 to dispose 1 canister

  • Average biohazard disposal cost/pound = $50

  • Infectious fluid waste accounts for 75% of the cost

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Environmental Impact

  • 40% of waste from operating room is canisters

  • 50 million canisters go to the landfill each year

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